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Intervention monitoring with PickTerm Sentinel

For zero error picking

Preventing incorrect picking, with quicker confirmation

The PickTerm Sentinel system was developed to detect picking errors directly at the warehouse compartment.

Each compartment is equipped with a sensor which monitors the picking process. The software checks whether items should be removed from the respective compartment or not. If the operator takes or deposits items incorrectly, the system responds directly to the error by sending an optical and, if required, and acoustic signal.

Our sensor modules are especially ideal for distribution systems which use the put-to-light principle: The automatic identification of the locations where items are to be deposited dispenses with manual confirmation, which considerably accelerates your workflows.

The detection range is important

The only module capable of securely monitoring a larger area is the PTF-L-5.

On the other hand, if picking is to be confirmed contact-free and “automatically”, many of our standard modules with their integrated sensors can be used. The maximum range of these sensors is, however, 20 cm above or below the module, which makes them unsuitable for the full monitoring of wider layouts.

Picking is correct

If picking (or putaway) is correct, confirmation follows automatically with no manual intervention needed, which saves time.

Picking is incorrect

If the operator reaches into the wrong compartment, the system will respond acoustically or optically to prevent the wrong part being picked.

Application range of PickTerm Sentinel PTF-L-2 and PTF-L-2

  • at flow racks (PTF-L-5)
  • at skeleton containers or pallets (PTF-L-2)

The sensor for monitoring is located directly above a compartment (figure left) or above a skeleton container or pallet (figure right).

Flexible detection range of PTF-L-5

The sensitivity of the sensory devices as well as their side detection zones can be optimally configured to suit a wide variety of different ambient conditions.

The sensory devices of the PTF-L-5 module can be rotated forwards or backwards to adjust it to different installation requirements.

Find out the right Sentinel modul for your application


  • Reliable prevention of incorrect picking or putaway
  • Fast confirmation without the need for manual operation
  • High degree of flexibility with integration into the system environment



PickTerm Sentinel L-5

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