E-Kanban module for electronic refill controller with a Put-to-Light system

With the newly developed e-Kanban sensor, automatic fill level detection can be integrated seamlessly into existing or new Pick-by-Light systems. The technology used here makes it possible that only one sensor per flow rack channel is required for fill level detection and cable guides within the flow rack channel are no longer necessary.

E-Kanban module for electronic refill controller for ekanban systems

The container fill level is continuously monitored contact-free by a powerful distance measuring sensor. As soon as only a specified minimum number of bins is left on the shelf, the sensor reports this to the refill controller of the higherlevel system.
In combination with a put-to-light module, the current status can be displayed and the refilling process optimised by providing visual support from the bright eye-catching light, thus speeding up the refilling process and preventing loading errors.

For use in eKanban systems to support the replenishment process by automatic demand notification / replenishment request in real time to avoid material bottlenecks e.g. at a production line.

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