eKanban – simple at last: New TOF module from KBS optimises electronic replenishment

image of TOF sensor module from KBSThe new TOF module from KBS puts an end to complex sensor stress: it combines level detection and Put-to-Light system in a single module!

With just ONE sensor per flow rack channel, the TOF module reduces the number of sensors and eliminates cable routing, mounting and adjustment problems within the flow rack channel.

screenshot of an e-Kanban real-time display

eKanban – configuration and real-time display of the replenishment situation

An optical measuring device in the TOF module measures the distance to the last bin in the flow rack channel. By means of simple to use software, the minimum level, refill order quantities, replenishment request intervals, etc. can be parameterised simply and electronic replenishment requests thus generated. The system can be used with all common small load carrier sizes and rack types.

Due to the optical measuring method, all the advantages of non-contact level detection and electronic replenishment requests are available, without having to mount a sensor for each bin storage position. Bothersome cable routing inside the channel is eliminated, as are battery problems, interference-prone radio links or error-prone mechanical influences of the shipping containers in the channel.
The sensor of the TOF module is adjustable and only needs to be aligned once during the installation.

The combination with a Put-to-Light module supports the replenishment process: as a Put-to-Light system with a bright eye-catching lamp, it is faster, more reliable and less susceptible to errors.

Schematic visualization of TOF sensor distance measurement

Image: Level detection with TOF module and Put-to-Light compartment displays on the filling side of the flow rack. The graphic shows a visualisation of the laser distance measurement. Actually, this is an invisible Laser Class 1 laser beam that is safe for the human eye even without safety precautions.

Integration in the « PickTerm Flexible » Pick-by-Light system from KBS also enables retrofitting in existing Pick-by-Light systems and guarantees the user the quality that comes from decades of experience in intralogistics.

tof sensor module with collision guard in a flow rack

Image: Mounting detail of TOF module with additional cross-brace as collision guard (schematic illustration)

With a few exceptions, the TOF module can be combined with all PTF shelf displays and is particularly suitable for non-contact level detection with eKanban electronic replenishment request in combination with a Put-to-Light system for refill control.

grafic illustration of the adjustable TOF sensor module

Adjustable sensor: Wide adjustment possibility of the sensor beam in the range of approx. 110°.

The advantages at a glance:
Only one sensor per flow rack channel for exact level monitoring.
  Maximum flexibility thanks to adjustable sensor.
This enables an individual angular alignment, depending on the requirements.
  No annoying factors such as cable routing, battery or radio problems.
  Integrated level detection and Put-to-Light refill support in one module.
  Simple to mount.
  Combinable with almost all PTF compartment displays.
  Customer-specific adaptations possible.
  The simplest way to your eKanban system.

In addition to the TOF module shown, also a version integrated directly into the compartment display is available. The sensor beam is then adjusted via the mounting angle of the compartment display.

We’ll be glad to advise you on the implementation of our solution in your eKanban system. Please contact us.
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