Our contribution to sustainable action

Thinking and acting responsibly and with foresight is important to us as a company. Trust and respect in dealing with our customers, employees and suppliers are the cornerstones of our actions.
We are aware that the key to long-term and successful cooperation lies in anchoring these values in all areas of our company: in fair cooperation, in the conscious and efficient use of resources and environmental protection, in quality assurance and in ensuring occupational safety. In this way, we pursue a sustainable strategy that promotes long-term growth and close cooperation with employees and business partners.

Legal requirements

The company undertakes to comply with existing laws and regulations in order to continuously improve its operational environmental performance on its own responsibility and to avoid environmental pollution.

Resource management & environmental protection

During development and production, we pay attention to the careful use of resources used.

Long product life

The service life of a product is an important factor in conserving resources. Our systems are therefore designed for a particularly long service life. This applies to durability and performance, product properties, product quality and flexibility through to the timeless, industrial design.

Repair instead of immediately disposing

With our repair service, we make a sustainable contribution to extending the service life. The reuse of repaired components and appliances helps to conserve resources as they do not have to be produced again, thus reducing CO2 emissions.


We make sure that we use high-quality, robust and largely recyclable materials that guarantee a long service life of our components and can be recycled as raw materials for new products at the end of their life.

KBS aluminum enclosures are themselves partly made from recycled secondary aluminum. When aluminum is recycled, for example, less carbon dioxide is emissions and requires only 5 percent of the energy needed to produce primary metal.

Quality assurance through short delivery routes

We only use high-quality components and and prefer to source them from German manufacturers/suppliers wherever possible to keep delivery routes short and quality high.

Conserving resources through modernization and digitalization

  • We invest in modern technologies and facilities to minimize our consumption of resources and reduce emissions and waste.
  • By implementing strict quality standards, we ensure that our modules and systems meet the highest standards.
  • We develop intelligent components and systems with low energy consumption that enable our customers to use them in an energy-efficient manner.
  • We use additive manufacturing processes in prototype construction and for small parts / small series. This allows us to minimize material consumption and react quickly and precisely to changes.

Development and production from a single source

We develop, manufacture and store in-house. For our customers, this means they receive everything from a single source. This ensures short communication channels, bundled, coordinated deliveries and thus reduced CO2 consumption.

Sustainable separation

In our daily work, from development to production, we pay attention to waste avoidance, correct waste separation and environmentally friendly disposal.

Sustainable shipping

When packaging our systems for shipping to our customers, we use recyclable filling material and reusable cardboard.

Procurement and purchasing

We regard our suppliers as long-term partners and maintain an open and fair cooperation. By building business relationships based on longterm cooperations, we create a stable basis for sustainable procurement and production.

We take economic, ecological and social aspects into account in our activities and decisions in order to fulfill our corporate responsibility. In our Code of Conduct, we therefore have defined binding guidelines for our actions. As part of our supplier relationships, we ensure compliance with the Code of compliance, which stipulates ethically correct business practices, human rights and environmental standards.

Long-term business relationships

We attach great importance to open communication, mutual reliability, fairness and a partnership with customers and service providers, which is reflected in long-standing business relationships.


We are committed to fair, responsible pricing, as we believe that a low-price strategy is neither long-term nor sustainable and comes at the expense of development and product quality, suppliers, employees and customers, and ultimately the environment.

Product conformity and safety:

We comply with the legal and official regulations applicable to our products as well as internal standards.
We ensure that our products comply with the current state of the art and legal requirements.
The conformity applicable to the respective product is indicated on the product and device labels and data sheets.
» EU Declaration of conformity (DoC)


RoHS Conformity ((Restriction of Hazardous Substances)

KBS products are produced in compliance with the RoHS Directive.

REACH (EU Regulation for Chemicals)

Reach stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals.

■ KBS products are commodities and are therefore not to be defined as substances or preparations. Obligations due to the manufacture and placing on the market of substances/chemicals for pre-registration or registration (ECHA) are not applicable to us.

■ In order to guarantee our customers a continuous supply of reliable and safe products, we ensure that our suppliers meet all requirements with regard to chemical substances and materials. Our products do not contain any SVHC candidates according to Art. 33(2) of Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and Council (REACH) above 0.1% by mass as of today.

A declaration of conformity can be requested from our sales team.

Conflict minerals

Compliance with conflict commodity regulations

The Dodd-Frank Act (Sec. 1502) requires US-listed companies to disclose whether their products or products manufactured on their behalf contain so-called “conflict minerals”. The EU counterpart is the Conflict Minerals Regulation (Regulation (EU) No. 2017/821) of the European Parliament, which requires EU importers of minerals to fulfill binding due diligence obligations. As a non-US listed company, we do not fall within the scope of the Dodd-Frank Act (Sec.1502) or the EU Conflict Minerals Regulation, as KBS does not directly import minerals and therefore does not import “conflict minerals”.

For the parts and components contained in our products, we pay attention to qualified and trustworthy sources of supply. Our suppliers are well-known manufacturers and distributors we have trusted for many years, to whom our high quality requirements are passed on, including product traceability and transparency. To the best of our current knowledge, no conflict minerals as defined by the Dodd-Frank Act (Sec. 1502) are used by our suppliers and therefore not in our products.

A declaration of conflict commodity regulations can be requested from our sales team.

Work safety

We comply with regulations and social standards with regard to working hours, employee rights, vacation time, minimum wage and occupational health and safety regulations.

We ensure that our employees work in a safe and healthy working environment. This includes ergonomically designed workstations, the safe use of work equipment, occupational safety training and all other necessary measures for occupational safety and the prevention of injuries and accidents in the workplace.

In this way, we are helping to reduce our CO2 footprint within the company:

Consideration of environmentally conscious alternatives when selecting service providers.
Where possible, our employees use environmentally friendly means of transportation such as public transport, electric vehicles or bicycles to get to work.
We take care to recognize and implement energy-saving potential and work on alternative energy solutions and production methods in order to reduce energy requirements and protect the environment.
Our production hall is being retrofitted with a photovoltaic system on the roof. This will enable us to cover a significant proportion of our electricity requirements in production with climate-neutral green electricity and further reduce our CO2 footprint.

Our aim is to continuously improve ourselves and to sensitize employees and partners to the need for careful use of our resources and environmental protection in order to preventively and proactively reduce our ecological footprint.