Automatic replenishment control with the E-Kanban system «SEKAN»

Manual Kanban systems have the disadvantage that Kanban cards get lost or there are too many in circulation. This makes targeted inventory management difficult. With the SEKAN system from KBS, material replenishment processes can be digitized and inventory management optimized. A fill level sensor in the Kanban rack continuously monitors the container stock in the […]

New Intervention Sensor *PTF-Sentinel*: Preventing incorrect picks

Particularly in assembly preparation or parts provision, error-free picking is important before an incorrect workpiece is processed. The “PTF-Sentinel” monitoring sensor was developed for this purpose. It monitors a removal from or placement into a container and can immediately alert the employee acoustically or optically in the event of incorrect picking into the wrong compartment. […]

Interactive brochure: Four decades of pick-by-light development

When innovations become industrial solutions In our interactive brochure, we take a look back at important milestones in our developments and show why we are the right partner for you as a pick-by-light specialist.   » press release

New Video: Customer-specific order picking with pick-by-light at Depesche logistics warehouse

Here in the logistics warehouse in Geesthacht, on 23,000 m², Depesche distributes around 16,000 articles from greeting cards, gift articles, toys and school equipment to over 40 countries.  A pick-by-light system is used for order picking to ensure that more than a thousand customer-specific orders can be put together every day. This is the only […]

New Video: Container illumination with LED Pointer

For even more safety during order picking, the new LED pointer was developed for additional container illumination. The targeted illumination of the target compartments optimizes visibility and thus accelerates the removal or storage processes. » view video    » read article  

Seeing the light in product picking: Interview in European Business with KBS on pick-by-light

Interview with Michael Weiser – KBS sales manager – published in European Business The following interview reports on how the company KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH developed from automation engineering of test systems to a specialist for pick-by-light systems for paperless picking with a pan-European reputation, about what makes the KBS specific system “PickTerm Flexible” so successful […]

NEW zone display: 1 module – 2 possible uses

With PTF-ZCTRL2, the specialists in pick-by-light solutions KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH presents the latest generation of a zone display with controller function. It is particularly suitable for use on mobile picking carts, in very small systems such as assembly workstations and also in fixed picking zones. PTF-ZCTRL2 is an innovative product that combines the functionality of […]

NEW shelf display OL-1: Optimal visibility through innovative OLED technology

Pick-by-light specialist KBS Industrieelektronik has developed the new PTF-OL-1 shelf display module for a more precise and angle-independent display, thus bringing the graphic display to the latest technical standard. What is so special: OL-1 has a larger, contemporary graphic display equipped with cutting-edge OLED technology which ensures that all relevant information is displayed in super […]

Compartment Illumination with dynamic aperture: Reaching into the right compartment – the new flexible version of PickTerm Tray from KBS

The new version of the PickTerm Tray compartment illumination enables the reliable identification of withdrawal or storage positions at goods-to-man workplaces such as lift systems with trays or at the picking places of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) or with mobile rack provision as well as on horizontal circulating shelves.                          For adaptation to differently […]

Pick-by-Light from KBS: the latest recipe for success at Kochzauber

Kochzauber Food GmbH has optimised the order picking of fresh ingredients for delicious dishes in their meal boxes with a pick-by-light system from KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH. This means the customer receives the goods even faster and thus even fresher. 

New improved interface units: KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH is now offering the advanced PTF-SUB3 and PTF-MIU interface unit.

While the PTF-SUB3 is a continuation of the PTF-SUB2 performance class with its proven track record, PTF-MIU is ideal for larger pick-by-light systems in particular. The steadily growing complexity of processes in order picking and materials supply as well as demanding requirements placed on system availability and future proofing calls for a more flexible configuration […]

Listen. Think. Act.

Listen. Think. Act. With these three words, our way to the top of the European suppliers of pick-by-light systems can be well described. Our customers are 100% satisfied customers. In order to achieve this, we have internalised the above motto. And to be even better, it will also accompany us on the way to the […]

Innovations: PTF-LC-1, PTF-L-6 and PTF-Panel

Innovations 2015 KBS enhances the comfort, flexibility and operating reliability of paperless picking Expanding the capacities of the Development Department has accelerated the pace of innovation of KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH. Within the space of a year, the pick-by-light specialists have added three new products to the PickTerm Flexible family: the new PTF-LC-1 module with a […]

Rendez-vous in Paris: find out more about our solutions at the fair All4pack

Visit us in Paris at All4Pack From 14th to 17th of November 2016 You find us in: Halle 6, booth G108 Make an appointment today with us. On the phone under +49 761 45255-50 or use our contact form. If you want to visit us, we would be pleased to invite you! More information about the […]

Even faster and more accurate with Pick-by-Balance

New process: Pick-by-Balance This is a combination of Pick by Light and scales with counting function. Each pick of an article is immediately be registered by the change in weight. If the pick volume is correct, the pick will be automatically confirmed, so the picker does not need to press the confirmation button and he […]

Successful LogiMAT 2015

Successful presence at LogiMAT 2015       KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH can look back on a very successful trade fair presence at LogiMAT 2015 in Stuttgart. “The interest in our innovations is huge, particularly in our Pick-Display – presented for the first time – which features a graphic display and a wear-free acknowledgement sensor system […]