Simultaneous picking of several orders saves time and legwork

Picking several orders in parallel (multi-order picking) reduces the distance employees need to cover and raises order throughput.
To assist its customers, KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH offers a wide range of different picking carts equipped with operator guidance, a WLAN connection, a mobile electricity supply and put-to-light electronic displays.

How it works

Each compartment on the picking cart is equipped with a pick-by-light module (also called electronic display). Before order picking commences the picking cart is fitted out by allocating one order to each target container.

The primary system then calculates the optimum routes and informs the employee via an operator display of the first location from where items are to be retrieved. Having arrived at the location the operator confirms the article (by scanning the article number, for instance).
The total quantity of the articles to be retrieved then appears on the display. At the same time, the relevant displays are activated on the compartments where the items are to be deposited, and the eye-catching light and quantity display are switched on.

The order picker is able to identify the relevant compartment on the picking cart swiftly through the clearly visible light. The quantity display indicates the number of items required.
Having placed the articles in the compartment, he presses the OK button on the display and the light and quantity display go off. At the same time, the picking information is sent to the merchandise information system or the inventory management system where it is booked directly.

Once all the articles have been retrieved from the respective location, put on the picking cart and confirmed, the display then shows the next destination. Up to 40 orders can be picked at the same time during one pick run.

Key advantages

  •  Simultaneous picking of numerous orders = keeping pick runs to a Minimum
  •  Reduction of searching time for items to be deposited = accelerated picking Speed
  •  Confirmation at the source compartment = minimising picking Errors
  •  Direct communication via WMS = updated inventory and highly transparent processes
  •  Extremely short induction period = high degree of personnel flexibility

Our solution:   PickTerm Cart

In addition to a wide range of standard vehicles, carts can be customised or existing carts even retrofitted to suit customer requirements. A wide range of equipment, such as barcode or RFID readers, combined with our PickTerm Flexible system with its tried-and-tested electronic displays, enable the carts to be ideally designed to suit your processes.