Reversing the principle is just as good!

Reversing the principle of Pick-by-Light also harbours huge potential for optimising your order picking processes. With the Put-to-Light system, instead of having an electronic display on the compartment the items are taken from it is installed on the compartment where they are to be deposited.

Put to Light is used to allocate articles to specific locations, for instance from conveyed containers (goods-to-man principle), from pre-picked containers (two-stage picking process) or to picking carts with multi-order picking.

How it works

Each target location is equipped with a Pick-by-Light module (also called electronic display). After the article has been identified (by barcode reader or RFID), the display on the target location is activated which switches on the eye-catching light and shows the quantities, if required.
The operator can swiftly identify the right compartment which is indicated by the clearly visible light.

Once he has placed the article(s) in the compartment, he presses the OK button on the display and the light goes out. At the same time, the picking information is sent to the merchandise information system or the inventory management system where it is booked directly.

A particularly effective version of this method uses sensor modules capable of identifying where an article should be put, which makes confirmation by the worker redundant. More information can be found in the adjacent product flyer “PickTerm Sentinel PTF-L-5”.

Key advantages

  •  Reduction of searching time = accelerated picking Speed
  •  Confirmation at the target compartment = minimising picking Errors
  •  Direct communication via LVS = update inventory and highly transparent processes
  •  Extremely short induction period = igh degree of personnel flexibility

Our solution:   PickTerm Flexible

The functional, industry compatible design of our PickTerm Flexible pick-by-light system is also ideally suited to all put-to-light processes.

It offers huge application potential whether in multi-stage order picking or with order picking carts. Read more on the following pages or just contact us!