Intuitive, fast and reliable

The concept of paperless picking using compartment displays (Pick-by-Light) consists of giving the warehouse employee instructions directly in situ at the warehouse compartment.
Instead of a picklist, the operator is given instructions on the articles and volumes to be picked via an electronic display installed directly above the respective compartment


Each compartment is equipped with a pick-by-light module (also called electronic display).
When a picking order has been initiated (e.g. through a barcode scan), the electronic displays of the articles to be picked, i.e. the eye-catching light and quantity displays are switched on.

The operator is able to identify the shelf from where the items are to be picked swiftly through the clearly visible light, and the quantity display indicates the number of items required.

After picking the goods, he presses the OK button and the display goes out. Information is transmitted via the direct connection to the merchandise information system or inventory management system.

Key advantages

  •  Keeping search time to a minimum  =  accelerated picking Speed
  •  Acknowledgement at the removal shelf  =  minimising picking Errors
  •  Direct communication via WMS  =  updated inventory and highly transparent processes
  •  Extremely short induction period  =  high degree of personnel flexibility

Our solution:   PickTerm Flexible

The functional, industry-compatible design of our PickTerm Flexible pick-by-light system offers manifold possibilities for optimally supporting your picking processes.

Alongside pure order picking, the system also enables e.g.
– corrections to quantities in the warehouse compartment  – the storage of returned goods  – inventory processes  etc.
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