Paperless picking and supply of material

Individual products, high quality and short delivery times – our customers´ demands are growing steadily – which makes it all the more important for a company to optimise its stockkeeping as part of the production chain.
Paperless picking helps to simplify warehouse work.

Individuel orders and short delivery time

Particularly against the backdrop of e-Commerce with its short delivery times and specific orders, many warehouses cannot be fully automated. Using human labour is often more efficient and flexible.
In production as well, ensuring the quick and reliable supply of material is becoming increasingly important due to the wide variety of product variations.

Optimising processes and reducing picking errors

Where people are at work, however, mistakes are made – incorrect pickings, counting errors, mix-ups or inventory corrections which are not carried out. The costs incurred by incorrect delivery, costly verification, missing or wrong parts in the production process should not be underestimated.

What is paperless picking?

In paperless picking, the paper picking or picking list is replaced by an electronic shelf display. This increases productivity by eliminating basic times (processing of documents) and the computer-controlled guidance of the employee to the correct storage location (orientation time).

Forms of paperless picking

The technical implementation of paperless picking can be done in a number of ways, depending on the requirements of the company. Paperless picking can be implemented, for example, as a pick by ligth system or as a put to light system which offers many advantages over picking with picking lists.

Innovative solutions by KBS

Paperless picking solutions by KBS support companies in optimising their processes and in minimising error rates, which is reflected in improved efficiency. As all companies are unique, KBS offers customised solutions to suit all kinds of requirements and product ranges worldwide: made to measure, reliable and flexible.

KBS supports you in planning and implementation.

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