Spot on for safe order picking at the storage compartment: The new LED Pointer provides an additional optical order picking aid!

pick by light display with led pointer for additional container illumination

PTF shelf displays with LED Pointer option

With the new LED pointer, an additional option has been developed for the PTF pick-by-light shelf displays as an optical order picking aid.

The storage or removal compartment can now also be illuminated by a clearly visible LED spot light. This optical indicator helps the order picker to reach into the right compartment.

The spot can turn on as a constant light source at the same time as the eye-catching lamp or flash or alternate with the eye-catching lamp.  » view video “Spot on for safe order picking: New LED pointer option for additional container illumination”.

led pointer spot points on hand
When reaching into the illuminated picking compartment, the red illuminated hand visually signals once more the right compartment to the order picker.

This additional optical feedback leads to a higher level of safety during order picking, and prevents picking errors.


The pointer can be mounted below (DOWN version) or above the shelf display (UP version).

compartment illumination with pick by light LED pointer module








The pointer module is available in three tilt angles (0°, 22° or 45°), in special cases other tilt angles are possible.

graphic led pointer tilt angle and spot sizeWith few exceptions, the LED pointer option is possible for almost all PTF shelf displays and is particularly suitable for illuminating storage compartments in sorting shelves or picking carts.

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» view video “Spot on for safe order picking: New LED pointer option for additional container illumination”