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Automatic replenishment control with the E-Kanban system «SEKAN»

Manual Kanban systems have the disadvantage that Kanban cards get lost or there are too many in circulation. This makes targeted inventory management difficult. With the SEKAN system from KBS, material replenishment processes can be digitized and inventory management optimized. A fill level sensor in the Kanban rack continuously monitors the container stock in the […]

KBS: eKanban system for automatic replenishment control

With SEKAN, KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH has developed an E-Kanban system for automatic replenishment control at mounting and other workstations with flow channel racks. SEKAN is a special control module for E-Kanban applications that can be used to monitor material replenishment. As soon as a defined minimum number of containers is detected in the rack, a […]