KBS: eKanban system for automatic replenishment control

EKanban system for electronic replenishment control

SEKAN detects the number of containers in the flow channel rack and automatically requests replenishment as required. Source: KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH

With SEKAN, KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH has developed an E-Kanban system for automatic replenishment control at mounting and other workstations with flow channel racks. SEKAN is a special control module for E-Kanban applications that can be used to monitor material replenishment. As soon as a defined minimum number of containers is detected in the rack, a required container replenishment is automatically reported to the overlaid system. With SEKAN, all important materials are available as required at the intended production location. Compared to traditional Kanban, the SEKAN solution enables complete monitoring of the Kanban process with automatic real-time demand reporting.

Thanks to SEKAN, downtimes due to a lack of material at the assembly station can be eliminated. The automatic demand report to the ERP system also significantly speeds up the replenishment process. It is therefore an automatic material replenishment monitoring system. With a card-based Kanban systems, however, the replenishment request is made manually.

Only one SEKAN sensor is required per flow rack for the digital replenishment process. Minimum fill level, replenishment order quantities, replenishment request intervals, etc. can be easily parameterized via easy-to-use software, thus generating electronic replenishment requests. The system guarantees reliable fill level measurement up to a shelf depth of 4 m and can be used for all standard small load carrier sizes and shelf types, also in combination with a pick-by-light or put-to-light system from KBS.

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