Compartment Illumination with dynamic aperture: Reaching into the right compartment – the new flexible version of PickTerm Tray from KBS

The new version of the PickTerm Tray compartment illumination enables the reliable identification of withdrawal or storage positions at goods-to-man workplaces such as lift systems with trays or at the picking places of automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) or with mobile rack provision as well as on horizontal circulating shelves.                         

For adaptation to differently sized compartments that are to be lit, the new version has a dynamic aperture with which the size of the light spot can be adjusted. The optimum visibility of the light spot with various container or article colours is ensured by the different colours of the light spot.A ligth spot of PickTerm Tray illuminates a compartment

The benefits:

  • Flexible compartment illumination for subdivided containers and trays
  • Safe, error-free compartment recognition
  • Stepless positioning
  • Large work area
  • Light spot in various colours and size
  • High efficiency
  • Hardly any aging
  • Maintenance-free
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The withdrawal quantity and the confirmation can be displayed via a Pick-by-Light compartment display or on a monitor. Like every Pick-by-Light system, PickTerm Tray is controlled via the KBS Device Manager.