Listen. Think. Act.


With these three words, our way to the top of the European suppliers of pick-by-light systems can be well described.
Our customers are 100% satisfied customers. In order to achieve this, we have internalised the above motto.
And to be even better, it will also accompany us on the way to the future.

But what do we mean exactly?


You have a project where a pick-by-light system might be the right solution. For an optimal result, we first want to know as much as possible about your requirements, wishes, conditions, processes and framework conditions. We can only do this through concentrated listening and competent querying.


We do not focus on the sale of our products, but on the most powerful result of your project. On the basis of our more than 30 years of experience, we can offer you competent solutions, suggest improvements and discuss alternatives.
And if pick-by-light should turn out not to be the best choice, we would tell you.


If you and we believe that pick-by-light is the best possible solution, we will accompany your project beyond commissioning with all our strength and greatest commitment. In the quotation phase through transparency, openness and fair pricing, in the implementation phase with reliability and deadline security, and in the course of life-long care supported by the highest system reliability and, if necessary, fast and targeted service.

Being able to offer a high quality product is a nice thing. Making a 100% satisfied customer, that is the special challenge that we are happy to face every day. Please contact us!

We will listen – think – react!

Michael Weiser
Manager Sales

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