New Intervention Sensor *PTF-Sentinel*: Preventing incorrect picks

Particularly in assembly preparation or parts provision, error-free picking is important before an incorrect workpiece is processed. The “PTF-Sentinel” monitoring sensor was developed for this purpose. It monitors a removal from or placement into a container and can immediately alert the employee acoustically or optically in the event of incorrect picking into the wrong compartment. The new technology enables clear detection of an intervention, regardless of whether it is from the front, top or side, and provides a high degree of flexibility in configuring the desired detection area.

Depending on the desired application, the intervention sensor can also be used for contactless, automatic and thus faster removal confirmation speeding up the picking process. Moreover, the innovative Sentinel technology enables new options and extended application possibilities. For example, an integrated countdown function can be used to display or monitor the exact number of interventions on a pick-by-light display and thus be used for reliable detection of remaining removals. The sensor counts hereby down each operation from a defined total pick quantity.

For maximum flexibility, the Sentinel intervention sensor was developed as a module-independent add-on option, which can thus be integrated into almost all KBS compartment (pick-by-light) displays.

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