NEW zone display: 1 module – 2 possible uses

With PTF-ZCTRL2, the specialists in pick-by-light solutions KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH presents the latest generation of a zone display with controller function. It is particularly suitable for use on mobile picking carts, in very small systems such as assembly workstations and also in fixed picking zones.KBS pick-by-light zone display with controller function

PTF-ZCTRL2 is an innovative product that combines the functionality of a controller and the properties of a zone display in a single compact module. First and foremost, it serves as a local interface between the pick-by-light system and the operator, and can in many cases replace a previously required PC-based terminal in the system.

With further developed technology and a large number of new features, it replaces the predecessor model PTF-ZCTRL1 and enables more customer-specific and flexible use.

As a zone display, the module benefits from a considerably larger colour display with an extended range of functions such as the innovative touch field operation thanks to the resistive touch screen, freely definable softkeys (on-screen keys), display of barcode or QR-code, text display in different sizes and colours, and a graphic display of lines and rectangular shapes. In addition, the configurable display alignment enables both horizontal and vertical mounting.

kbs zone display for pick-by-light systems

In the version as a zone controller, the module features modern interfaces such as a direct network connection (Ethernet), two USB ports, RS232 and of course the KBS-specific PTF bus with new electronic overcurrent protection. The simplified configuration is also advantageous due to the elimination of jumpers. The implemented controller software can help to lower costs, especially in very small systems such as with picking vehicles or at assembly workstations.

Apart from the technical innovations mentioned, the module is equipped with the oval, horizontally divided eye-catching lamp (2 x 7 colour combinations). In addition, the “LTouch” provides a modern, wear-free acknowledgement or input confirmation function. This works by lightly touching the eye-catching lamp.

Through the possibility to use it as a zone controller on a picking cart or as a pure zone display in a pick-by-light system, the module adapts itself flexibly to the customer’s individual requirements.

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