Pick-by-Light with pick control and automatic confirmation

With Pick by Balance, the pick-by-light system is supplemented by adding weighing devices. These economical, high-precision scales with their long service life are installed underneath each storage container. They communicate with the pick-by-light system and monitor the picking process with 100% accuracy.

The difference in weight is instantaneously registered whenever an article is retrieved. The system calculates the quantity retrieved by using the weight of the specific article, and the display shows the residual picking volume.
Once all the items have been correctly picked this will be confirmed automatically so the operator does not have to press the OK button, which saves time.

100% monitoring

The operator is immediately and unambiguously informed of all possible picking errors:

The operator picks the wrong article

If the operator reaches into the compartment to take out an article which is not an active pick position, the display will flash red, alerting him to his mistake. An optional acoustic signal reinforces this effect, possibly alerting any other colleagues in the process.

The operator picks too few articles

The residual quantities are displayed and the eye-catching light will continue to flash until the total quantity of the current pick position has been reached. The operator can also take articles from other compartments in the meantime. He will not, however, be able to start a new order. If he attempts to do so, an optical and optional acoustic signal will alert him to pick positions which are still open.

The operator picks too many articles

If the operator retrieves more articles than the order requires, the display will flash red. The excess quantity of articles picked is shown with a minus sign in front of it. As soon as he has put the articles back, the alarm will switch off.

Accurate inventory – automatic replenishment

Last but not least, ongoing monitoring ensures accurate inventory. A minimum inventory threshold can be optionally defined for each storage space in order to trigger a replenishment request if stocks are low.

Pick-by-Balance on picking vehicles

The pick-by-balance system can also be combined with picking vehicles.

Alongside a pick-by-light display, each compartment on the picking cart is equipped with a set of scales installed below the container.

During the picking process, the change in weight is registered when items are deposited. The respective display shows the quantity which needs to be picked before the order is complete. Only then will the light go off.

Similar to the process described above, pick errors are monitored and identified so they can be completely eliminated.

Key advantages

  •  100% monitoring of all picking processes
  •  Even faster picking performance through automatic confirmation
  •  Accurate and updated inventories at all times
  •  Automatic replenishment requests triggered by minimum inventory thresholds