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PickTerm Flexible

The Pick-by-Light system

PickTerm Flexible – components

A pick-by-light system consists mainly of hardware and software components:

Hardware components

  • Electronic displays in different designs, e.g. with or without quantity displays or in a text display version.
  • The interface units (controllers) which supply electricity to the displays as well as acting as an interface between interface and control computer.
  • The displays are mounted on a carrier profile made of aluminium which is welded or screwed onto the respective surface (e.g. shelving). The carrier profiles are equipped with multi-point plugs which supply the displays with electricity and data.
  • A computer, either from KBS or the customer’s own, is required to control the pick-by-light system.
  • Other optional components of a pick-by-light system include scanners, RFID readers, zone displays, weighing devices, label printers, sensors, signalling devices, to name a few.
  • The displays are mounted on a carrier profile made of aluminium which is welded or screwed onto the respective surface (e.g. shelving). The carrier profiles are equipped with multi-point plugs which supply the displays with electricity and data.

The software components of a pick-by-light system

  •  WinKomm-Basis is a standard software module, also known as a device manager, used to manage and control individual components such as displays and controllers.
  • An application software controls the picking processes and coordinates the exchange of data with the customer’s host system. Due to the wide variety of host systems and the fact that each user’s processes are unique, this application software is generally tailored to customer requirements.

Functional, flexible and industry compatible

PickTerm Flexible, with its functional design and versatile individual components, confers the advantages of longevity, flexibility, quality and accuracy all in one go.

Designed for durability – a robust and reliable system

To meet the sophisticated demands our customers place on technology and quality, we only use premium materials for our system: Our carrier profiles which are made of aluminium stand for durability, and the control components ensure a long service life. Our OK buttons are designed for at least 10 million picks, thereby guaranteeing long-lasting usability.

Simple to assemble and offering the greatest flexibility in display layout

Our snap-in system allows the display components to be inserted into the carrier profile and mounted anywhere on the shelf without the use of tools. A multipoint plug supplies the displays with energy and data.

The displays can be moved to a different place in the blink of an eye, even when the system is operational, without losing an active picking position.


From standard displays through to specially customised products

The wide range of standard modules enables us to accommodate virtually any kind of application. If you have special wishes, let us turn them into reality. Please just contact us!

Find the right Pick-by-Light modul for your application

Multi-coloured eye-catching lamp

The eye-catching lamp in seven colours can be used to signal various instructions or operating modes, such as return putaway or inventory processes. Processing several orders in one zone is also possible by assigning a different colour to each operator.

Maximum flexibility through the Plug&Pick system

Fast-moving items popular today may be less so tomorrow. Our cable-free snap-in system allows you to reconfigure your pick-by-light system any time you want – swiftly, easily and completely independently.

Automatic self-testing

The automatic self-test of our displays systematically checks on a running basis that all the individual lights are functioning smoothly and immediately reports any malfunctions to the host system. This excludes the possibility of defective visual indicators showing incorrect data.

Intuitive and efficient configuration

Our WinKomm-Basis device manager makes everything very easy: its manages and controls the individual components such as displays and controllers in the background. It can, for instance, detect new components in your system or defective ones if there are any.

Unlimited application

Unlimited functionalities are enabled through the integration of barcode or RFID readers, carts and printers, for example, as well as through data transmission terminals or linking up to pick-by-voice systems.

Simple add-ons

Your pick-by-light system grows with you. Your system can simply be extended at any time, even years later, quickly and with no trouble.

Key advantages

  • Highly flexible
  • Simple to extend
  • Open interfaces
  • Reliable and robust
  • Large portfolio
  • High quality components
  • Industry compatible
  • Integrated special functions
  • Made in Germany

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