The software of a pick-by-light system consists of two core components:
The PTF Device Manager and a customer-specific application module

PTF Device Manager

PTF Device Manager is an interface software for lean communication with the process-controlling IT components via TCP/IP sockets and for managing and controlling all connected hardware components. The most important functions of PTF Device Manager in brief:

  • In its role as a central data interface, PTF Device Manger manages all components in the pick-by-light system and and assigns proprietary device addresses (PTF addresses) to customer-specific storage location identifiers.
  • Functions frequently required, such as zone management, quantity correction activities or zero-passage controls have already been implemented.
  • Detailed data such as electricity consumption and the actual function status, can be retrieved for each component connected up for maintenance and diagnostic purposes.
  • Various simulation options are available for planning systems and for prior testing of modifications or for extensions.
  • Naturally the Device Manager is designed for international use and is available in various language versions.
  • PTF Device Manager is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

PTF Device Manager is designed as a universally applicable, standardized software.
Due to their immense diversity and complexity, picking processes and manufacturer-specific interfaces to warehouse management or ERP systems are not part of this software, but are designed project-specifically for each application and are programmed in a separate software module:

Application Module

At its core, the customer-specific application module performs two important tasks:

  • In accordance with your requirements, it controls the processes in your pick-by-light system, and thus your picking processes, from operator registration and picking processes to all conceivable special functions such as correction and inventory activities, breakage reports, container requests, various printing and labelling activities and, if required, connection to a conveyor system. Similarly, part of its work also includes the connecting up of scanners, RFID, chip or magnetic card readers, as well as (graphic) user interfaces to the operator.
  • It acts as the interface to your warehouse management system or ERP system. The software receives the order data, processes it with a view to optimising picking processes, and transmits all processed order data back to the host system in real time.
  • Due to the wide variety of different warehouse management systems and the diversity of customer requirements placed on picking processes, the application software is reconfigured for each customer and each pick-by-light system. Our experts draw on a broad spectrum of modules and templates quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively in creating a customised solution for you.


You decide ...

True to our motto of “flexibility” we are keeping all the options open for you. It’s your choice whether you purchase pure hardware only, add the Device Manager, or commission a turnkey pick-by-light system from us with application software specially customised for you. In the latter case, you have the absolute certainty that the full potential of our systems is optimally matched to your processes and that you will gain the greatest possible benefit from your new pick-by-light system.

Turnkey system

Along with the Device Manager, we will supply you with customised, application-specific control software and connect it to your host system.
Switch on and get started!


You use our Device Manager which manages and controls the individual components, such as shelf display and controller. The application-specific software and the interface to your host system you will provide yourself.

Your advantages when ordering a turnkey system

Pick by Light Software Architecture Plant Scheme Graphic

You will benefit from more decades of programming experience in linking up to different host systems
(ERP, PPS or WMS, such as SAP, for example).
We will implement your system-specific processes and functions based on a wide selection of templates
which we customise to suit your requirements.
You can draw on our expertise whether it concerns data, communication, and process safety, or the speed of the system.

KBS supports you in planning and implementation.

Simply pick up the phone and dial +49 761 45 255 50 or use our contact form.