The right picking vehicle for each application

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all PickTerm Cart vehicle – our customers’ different requirements do not allow for this, especially the dimensions of the vehicle, the number of levels, the size and number of compartments and, last but not least, the desired payload which can vary widely.

We can put together the model you want from a selection of standard vehicles. In addition, we can custom design models to suit your individual requirements. The vehicles our customers already have can naturally be retrofitted with a pick-by-light system.

The most important features of a PickTerm Cart vehicle

The vehicle

You can choose from our standard range, contact us for customised solutions, or use your existing vehicles.

Supply of electricity

To power your pick vehicle, we offer a selection of lead-gel batteries or lithium-polymer quick-change batteries with capacities which depend on your application scenario.

WLAN Interface

Our pick vehicles are equipped with a WLAN module to enable real-time communication with the control system and the WMS.

Operator guidance

We use a zone display or a panel PC to communicate with the operator. These are used to guide the operator to the correct compartments where the items are to be picked. In addition, special functions can be accessed or assigned.

Light modules

The light modules mounted on the vehicle’s individual containers indicate the correct storage location and the quantity of items to be stored.
Once the items have been deposited, this is confirmed via the OK button and relayed back to the control system.

Additional devices

The most widely used device is a hand-held scanner for verifying the picking location and/or article. Other options include label printers, RFID readers, carts, ladders etc.


  •  Rapid and reliable allocations of quantities to be deposited in oneorder container.
  •  Simultaneous picking of several orders
  •  Route-optimised directing of the operator saves on legwork
  •  Highest degree of flexibility from a wide variety of configurations
  •  Articles can be sorted for immediate shipment

Showcase of our ideas

Here you can gain an impression of our pick vehicle solutions, including special models which we have custom built to our customers’ specifications to suit their range of products and requirements.

picking cart with pick-by-light

picking cart

chariot de picking avec balance

picking cart with high-precision scale

picking cart with pick-by-light

picking cart

mobile picking cart

picking cart

KBS supports you in planning and implementation.

Simply pick up the phone and dial +49 (0)761 45 255-50 or use our contact form.