The interface between light modules and control computer

The controllers act as an interface between the light modules and the control computer. They translate the commands sent by the computer via KBS’ special data bus to the light modules, and vice versa.

Depending on the model, the controllers can be connected to the control computer through Ethernet, RS485 or RS 232. Alongside our standard PTF-SUB2 controller with an integrated power supply for around 100 light modules, we also offer a few smaller alternatives that can be clipped directly onto the carrier profile in the same way as the light modules.

Almost all the controllers feature additional connection options for peripheral devices, such as scanners and RFID readers.


Zone display with controller function

pick-by-light zone controller

Compact zone controller with LCD graphic display and dual LED (2×7 colours)
Large colour display (320×120 px) with innovative touch field operation thanks to resistive touch screen:
– 4 freely definable soft keys (on-screen keys)
– Text display in different font sizes and colours and a graphic display of lines and rectangular shapes
– Display of bar codes or QR code.
■ Four buttons available in different versions such as long-travel keys or foil-covered buttons. These keys can be used for confirmation or other functions.

The zone controller is particularly suitable for use on mobile picking carts or in fixed picking zones. It serves as a local interface between the pick-by-light system and the operator, and can in many cases replace a previously required PC-based terminal in the system.
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Dimensions: H 50 x W 224 mm
Interface to host: direct network connection (Ethernet), 2 x USB ports, serial port for peripheral devices (RS232)
KBS-specific PTF bus with new electronic overcurrent protection
Simplified configuration due to the elimination of jumpers


Designed specially for use with often modified storage requirements

Controller SUB3 for pick-by-light system

PTF-SUB3 is equipped with a number of new features and optimized functions such as:
■ Pluggable connections so the casing does not have to be opened for installation/maintenance, which greatly facilitates replacements.
■ Optimized power supply of the connected pick-by-light modules and the PTF-BUS interface function in accordance with industrial standards such as Ethernet, RS 485 and RS 232.
■ Simplified configuration of the RS232 interface for 5V/24V and pin configuration for power supply and LED signal for the correct wiring.
■ The double Ethernet connection with integrated switch additionally enables the connection of a further device directly on the controller.
■ More status LEDs for direct control and on-site diagnosis.
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Dimensions: H 280 x W 280 x D 90 mm
Power Supply: 85-265 VAC, 47 – 63 Hz
Interfaces: RS232C, RS 485 or 2x Ethernet
Integrated power supply for displays
4 PTF connections


New compact Interface-Unit for large systems

Compact controller that combines basic unit, power supply unit and, depending on the version, up to 4 PTF bus modules in one device.
The modular design of the PTF-MIU control box guarantees maximum flexibility in design and expandability of a pick-by-light system.
Depending on the selected power supply and the number of the PTF-MIU bus modules, one PTF control box can control several hundred pick-by-light modules.
Several internal interfaces are available for connection to the host computer, e.g. Ethernet or RS485.

Dimensions: H 300 x W 500 x D 180 mm
Power supply: 100-240VAC (depending on version)
Interfaces: RS485, USB or Ethernet


Controller for small Pick-by-Light-installations, extern power supply necessary

Mini Controller SUBC2 suitable for small pick to light systems

Compact controller modulefor small pick to light installations for max. 100 light modules.
Usable also as simple connection unit for peripherical devices such as a scanner etc. direct at the picking place.
Dimensions: H 50 x W 115 mm

Dimensions: H 50 x W 113 mm
1 x Power LED, 3 x Status LED
Interface to Host: Ethernet, RS 232, USB
Serial port for peripherical devices: RS232, USB

Displays for spare purposes with existing solutions


Zone display with controller functionality:
Version with graphic display, three additional freely assignable buttons and a numeric keypad, e.g. for operator logon.
Notice: PTF-ZCTRL has been replaced by the new control module PTF-ZCTRL2.


KBS Pick-by-Light controller PTF SUB2

For connecting light modules to the control computer. Enough power for 50 to 100 light modules. Connection of 4 PTF bus segments for light modules via 4 output terminals. Connection of two serial peripheral devices (e.g. barcode readers).

Dimensions: H 280 x W 280 x D 90 mm
Voltage/Power supply: 24 VDC / 230 VAC
Connection: RS232C, RS485 or Ethernet
Integrated power supply for 24 V / 80 W or 150 W light modules
4 PTF connections, 2 RS232 interfaces
4 parallel digital inputs and outputs (24V) or 4 relays with switchover contacts (both optional)


Controller for small Pick-by-Light-installations, extern power supply necessary

Compact controller module also for the connection to peripherical devices as a scanner direct at the picking place.
Enough power for max. 100 light modules.

Dimensions: H 50 x W 115 mm
Interface to Host RS 232C, RS485. | Serial port for peripherical devices (RS232C).

»» SUBC is being replaced by the latest generation PTF-SUBC-2.

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