Energy-efficient module for illuminating individual containers

The pointer module PTF-PT-3 und PTF-PT-4 are basic light modules – its sole function is to illuminate individual picking compartments or positions.


Light module for illuminating storage compartments or individual containers during article picking

PT-3 is a  high-performance LED light module capable of projecting a spotlight in RGB colours.
Advantage: Depending on the colour and surface of  the goods to be picked, the definable light colour can individually be adapted, which optimally enhances identification and ergonomics.


Compact PT-4 lighting module for single compartment illumination during order picking

With PT-4, depending on the application, a compact, energy-efficient special variant with single-color LED light source (white or amber) and fixed light beam positioning is available.
Suitable for put and pick applications from subdivided storage compartments with low to medium intervention height.

Cost-effective solution for goods-to-man picking

The solution makes a great deal of sense, especially with goods-to-man picking where the items in source containers conveyed to the operator are not sorted or are partitioned. Guiding the operator via a screen is generally not sufficient in these scenarios.

The PTF-PT-3 and PT-4 light module clearly indicate the compartment from which items are to be taken. If the light beam needs not to be flexibly positioned, PTF-PT-3 or PT-4 is a useful and cost-effective alternative to the «Pick Term Tray system» where the light beam is deflected and is therefore capable of illuminating numerous pick positions without a fixed grid.

Combinable with PickTerm Flexible

Picking stations equipped with PTF-PT-3 pr PT-4 can be seamlessly integrated into an existing KBS pick-by-light system. Quantity display and confirmation as well as the option of operator guidance is shown on workplace screens or on PickTerm Flexible displays.

Assembly is simple and the same as with displays from the PickTerm family: the PTF-PT-3 and PTF-PT-4 can be easily mounted using the side-and-tested KBS profile rail system which supplies the modules with electricity and data. Changing the warehouse layout at any time without any external help can be easily done at low cost.

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