Innovations: PTF-LC-1, PTF-L-6 and PTF-Panel

Innovations 2015
KBS enhances the comfort, flexibility and operating reliability of paperless picking

Expanding the capacities of the Development Department has accelerated the pace of innovation of KBS Industrieelektronik GmbH. Within the space of a year, the pick-by-light specialists have added three new products to the PickTerm Flexible family: the new PTF-LC-1 module with a graphic display, PTF-L-6 with integrated wear-free acknowledgement sensor integrated into an eye-catching lamp, as well as the large PTF display panel which enables important information on the status of a pick-by-light system to be particularly easily displayed.

More flexibility and better visibility are always important topics in paperless order picking. The new display of the pick-by-light PTF-LC-1 module opens up new possibilities for all users. Compared with conventional pick-by-light modules, PTF-LC-1 features a graphic LC display with 128x 64 pixels for displaying all the relevant information to the operator, on more lines and in various fonts. Alongside the quantity to be picked, information such as the article number and where the article is to be retrieved or stored can be transferred.

_Collis10Pcs04 dunkelInstead of being round, this module’s new eye-catching lamp is now oval, larger and, above all, divided down the middle. It can therefore light up in one of the seven available colours or in two different colours at the same time. “This new lamp facilitates picking by two operators in the same zone. In addition, special functions can be displayed even more visibly. Clearly indicating an “above” or “below” pick position is also possible”, said Michael Weiser, head of KBS sales. In addition, the module is equipped with a durable confirmation button as well as function and correction keys which allow special functions. PTF-LC-1 is also optionally available with an integrated sensor. The retrieval or storage can also be confirmed contact free with the aid of this sensor, which can considerably speed up the picking process.

BG,PTF_3NL-3 CRW_3773The new PTF-L-6 module is the first of the PickTerm Flexible family to replace the mechanical confirmation button by the “L-Touch” sensor system integrated into the eye-catching lamp. Confirming by pressing the button is no longer necessary – lightly touching the eye-catching lamp now suffices. This approach is highly advantageous due to its wear-free operation, which enhances the operating reliability of KBS pick-by-light systems. “We view PTF-L-6 not only as the successor of PTF-L-1 but also as a new generation of wear-free pick-by-light modules. We can now equip other pick-by-light modules with this technology and offer it as an option”, stated Joachim Beck, General Manager responsible for the development at KBS Industrieelektronik.

The largest display of the PickTerm Flexible family also has also found a successor with huge potential this year. PTF-Panel is the name of the new system which can transfer important information with great ease via a new screen in a pick-by-light system, without the need for an additional PC. PTF-Panel can be seamlessly integrated into the communication infrastructure and controlled like a normal display It is used mainly as an information panel, for instance to show the status of a pick-by-light system, or for displaying information at picking stations.

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