Modules with Special Versions

Pick-by-Light modules with special versions expand the possibilities for efficient control and optimization of picking processes.

PTF TOF Module for eKanban Systems

Pick by Light display with TOF sensor for electronic replenishment eKanban PTF-L-6 with TOF Module
Pick by Light display with TOF sensor for electronic replenishment eKanban Adjustable Sensor
Pick by Light module with TOF sensor for electronic replenishment eKanban SL-3 Module with integrated TOF Sensor

TOF module for electronic replenishment eKanban combines level detection with a put-to-light system.
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The TOF module solution enables precise monitoring of material replenishment with only one sensor per flow rack channel instead for each bin storage position as in many other systems.

An optical measuring device in the TOF module measures the distance to the last bin in the flow rack channel.
The module’s sensor is adjustable, allowing it to be individually adjusted within a range of approx. 110°.

The combination with a put-to-light module with a bright eye-catching lamp supports a fast and safe replenishment process. With a few exceptions, the module can be combined with all PTF shelf displays.

In addition to the flexible module, also a version integrated directly into the compartment display is available. The sensor beam is then adjusted via the mounting angle of the compartment display.

For racks that require separate installation of sensor and shelf display, the cable-connected SAT version is the best option. The sensor is placed in the flow channel, while the shelf display is visibly located on the filling side and receives the measurements via the cable connection.

The TOF application is also conceivable for other uses, such as measuring pallet stocks.
To adapt the module to your requirements, you can test it in productive use. Please contact us – our sales team will be happy to advise you.

LED Pointer for compartment illumination

NEW „Point-to-Pick“ Feature

point to pick: the pointer module illuminates the storage or removal compartment. LED Pointer Module
The Pointer for additional compartment illumination can be mounted below (DOWN version) or above the shelf display (UP version) LED Pointer UP

LED Pointer
The «point-to-pick» feature  provides a new pick by light display option for additional compartment illumination.
An LED spot light additionally illuminates the shelf or removal compartment.
Picking process with LED Pointer

3 possible spot effects:
The spot can either turn on simultaneously with the eye-catching lamp, or flash for visual reinforcement or alternate with the eye-catching lamp.
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The pointer module can be mounted below (DOWN version) or above the shelf display (UP version) and thus complements the eye-catching lamp by even clearer identification of the removal compartment.
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With few exceptions the LED pointer option is available for almost all PTF shelf displays.
» PTF shelf displays with LED pointer option

Module dimension:      H 14 x W 48 x D 12 mm
Application option:
Ideal e.g. in put to light systems such as sorting shelves or picking carts.
safer and faster picking or depositioning  by preventing picking errors


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