Fast, safe, flexible

Multi-colour eye-catching lamp

The eye-catching lamp in seven colours can be used to signal various instructions or operating modes, such as inventory processes or return putaway. Processing several orders in one zone is also possible by assigning a different colour to each operator

Plug&Pick - it couldn't be simpler

Fast-moving items popular today may be less so tomorrow. Our cable-free snap-in system allows you to reconfigure your pick-by-light system any time you want – quickly, easily and completely independently

Automatic self-testing

The automatic self-test of our displays systematically checks on a running basis that all the individual lights are functioning smoothly and immediately reports any malfunctions to the host system. This excludes the possibility of defective visual indicators showing incorrect data.

Designed for industry - robust and reliable

High-grade material, functional design and own manufacture in Germany guarantee a durability and a long service life of your Pick-by-Light-installation.

Intuitive and efficient configuration

Our device manager makes everything very easy: it manages and controls the individual components such as displays and controllers in the background. It can detect new components in your system, for instance, or locate defective ones, if there are any.

Add-ons made simple

Your pick-by-light system grows with you. Your system can simply be extended at any time, even years later, quickly and with no trouble.

Unlimited application

Unlimited functionalities are enabled through the integration of barcode or RFID readers, carts and printers, for example, as well as through data transmission terminals or linking up to pick-by-voice systems.

Environmentally compatible

Our components, examples being module housing, carrier and casing profiles, are made of aluminium. Alongside their stability and durability, components can be recycled, which is an additional advantage, as it reduces the impact on the environment.

Highly flexible

Dividing up the warehouse into various zones allows several orders to be processed at the same time and personnel to be optimally deployed: Several employees can work on one order in one zone, or one employee can work in several zones.
A multi-colour eye-catching lamp also enables several people to work in the same zone.

Maximum reliability through intervention monitoring

In the case of systems where extra reliability is needed, parts picking at assembly workstations for instance, a sensor can monitor the compartment in addition to the optical display. This sensor can detect items being picked from the monitored compartment and can therefore ascertain whether the employee has taken items from the right compartment.

Our customers speak for us

Selected practical examples of applications demonstrate our best practices – and our customers have their say.