Optimize material provision

« SEKAN » e-Kanban system ensures the supply of materials to mounting and workstations. For this purpose, the E-Kanban shelf is equipped with a «SEKAN» control module for each roll flow rack. A high-performance sensor in the module continuously monitors the container fill level in the shelf. If the number of containers falls below a defined minimum, the system automatically reports the need for material replenishment to the ERP system. This reliably eliminates downtime due to a lack of material at the assembly station.

Only one sensor per flow rack channel is required for automatic replenishment control.

In contrast to a classic, card-based Kanban system, in which replenishment requests are made manually, the «SEKAN system» automatically monitors material replenishment.

Digital real-time level detection

Digital visualization of the E-Kanban process

The current container level is recorded in real time in the system. Using easy-to-use software, minimum levels, replenishment order quantities, replenishment request intervals, etc. can be easily configured and electronic replenishment requests generated.

Easy mounting

The E-Kanban control module is easy to mount by clipping it onto the profile rail.

Thanks to the proven KBS Snap-On technology, the SEKAN control module can be easily mounted and dismounted by clipping onto the base profile.

The advantages at a glance

Digitization of processes through electronic recording
Automatic real-time reporting of requirements
Material replenishment is triggered automatically
Only one sensor required per flow rack channel, for reliable level monitoring up to 4 meters shelf depth
No cable routing, no battery or radio problems


Automatic real-time demand notification
Support for the refill process at mounting and production stations

The system consists of:

E-Kanban control module

SEKAN control module ekanban system
«SEKAN» High performance fill level sensor, parameterizable

Carrier bus rail + protector cover

Carrier bus rail with protector cover
Power and data rail under protector cover. This protects the control module when the shelf is being filled.

Control Software

Customized control software.


SUB3 controller for ekanban system
Interface between control module and control computer.

The system can be used for all common small load carrier sizes and standard flow rack shelf types, also in combination with a pick-to-light or put-to-light system from KBS.

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